Nurturing a culture of enabled employees

For any organisation to succeed, it is key that the people who breathe life into its daily operations are truly enabled employees as this helps to create a culture that leads to happy employees and, as a result, business success has a greater chance of growing.

The concept is so simple and it can be applied equally to a multi-Billion dollar company as well as a small startup… yet, astoundingly, so many organisations fail to implement such a culture.

Trevor Raman, President and CEO of Saab Grintek Defence, shares his insight into creating just such an environment.


Target the right individuals

When marketing a vacancy, focus on attracting and hiring people who identify with the same value system, which should be communicated in the interview process. Hiring employees who don’t identify with the company’s culture or values can prove challenging and potentially cause more harm than good.


Organise solid induction sessions

Never underestimate the time or resources invested in a solid induction process. This is the first step in a new employee’s journey and thorough induction sessions will help them identify with a company’s value system.

Once induction is complete, it’s important to schedule regular discussions around skills development, so that employees are aware of the company’s investment in them, and don’t feel that there is no room for growth.


Foster an effective management team

A culture of enabled employees is driven by an effective management team who lead by example, and have created an environment where employees can thrive. At each level of a company, responsibility and decision-making parameters should be outlined, and open, transparent discussions should be used to encourage greater employee confidence.

An effective management team is one that empowers and encourages employees to make well-researched decisions, while also guiding them along their journey. This trust-based relationship will often result in consistent growth and learning, and help change mindsets to see opportunities as opposed to challenges. Effective leaders celebrate diversity, encourage entrepreneurship and self-worth, and allow for collaboration and empowerment.


Nurture trust and empowerment

Enabled employees, who are not afraid to fail and who have earned the trust of their management teams, become empowered ambassadors for a company. By trusting employees to practice well-thought-out decision making and allowing them to identify risk and rewards ensure that the urgency for business is never lost.

Trust and empowerment is reinforced by recognition. Honest recognition leads to better relationships between employees and their managers, and the more enabled an employee feels the more likely they are to continue performing positively and in the best interests of the company.


  • Trevor Raman is the President and CEO of Saab Grintek Defence, a local defence and security company with over 730 employees.