Patrons get ‘real satisfaction’ with Surveway’s feedback action!

In our highly competitive hospitality industry, there’s no two ways about it: a happy customer is a repeat customer.

While many hotel managers and restaurateurs might comfort themselves with the notion that ‘no news is good news’, studies show that only around half of clients actually speak up to voice their dissatisfaction, and of those customer complaints, 90% fall on the ears of employees who aren’t trained to deal with them effectively! Now imagine if there was a way of encouraging patron feedback, the minute that meal arrives cold, or the hotel room wasn’t prepared to the guest’s expectations…

Surveway Delivers!

A leader in customer experience (CX) solutions, Surveway uses state-of-the-art, digital tools to facilitate instant client feedback to restaurants, canteens, hotels and more. Feedback is collected via a QR code or by a URL for patrons who do not know how to use a QR code, which could be printed on a tent card, poster or hotel menu. The patron answers four or five questions, and an email is instantly sent to the responsible manager to initiate feedback.

“Some of our clients successfully use an incentive to draw their clients into completing the survey,” Surveway MD Christine Cuningham explains. “Who can resist a free drink with their dinner, or a complimentary cocktail from hotel room service? It works like a charm and encourages more people to give honest opinions on quality of service received. Best of all, should negative feedback be entered, the correct company official is immediately in the position to turn a negative perception around. Invariably, the client is so pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback that they remain customers, and tell their friends!”

“Some of our clients successfully use an incentive to draw their clients into completing the survey.” – Surveway MD, Christine Cuningham.

Listening and Responding: Your Key to Excellence

As the old adage goes: satisfied customers tell three friends; angry ones tell 3000! Turn that potentially negative social media outburst into a victory for your hospitality concern: contact Surveway and implement valuable client feedback, today! Scan the QR code, or email

Whether your business is in the hospitality industry or any other market segment, Surveway is sure to have a dynamic, real-time, working enterprise solution, enabling a first class customer experience, and placing you at the cutting edge of performance. For more information visit, call us on 011 568 0982 or join the conversation on