Smart recycling solutions for Vietnam and beyond

Global Fiberglass Solutions, an American smart recycling and manufacturing firm, has made its transcontinental business collaboration debut by signing a partnership agreement with the Minh Hung Group in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Monday, February 26 was a landmark day in history for Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. Executives from three major corporate entities – GFSI, MHEGroup (a Canadian member company of the Minh Hung Group) and the Minh Hung Group Board of Management came together to officially sign a memorandum of understanding regarding cooperation and investment in the future construction of a fiberboard factory using recycled composite material to be located in the Tien Giang province, Vietnam.

The signing ceremony represents a new era for GFSI as the company ventures beyond its home continent to collaborate with the Minh Hung Group based in Vietnam. However, this is not the first collaboration effort between MHEGroup in Canada and Global Fiberglass Solutions. The GFS-engineered fibreglass recycling and manufacturing plant located in Sweetwater, TX, USA is a joint venture between GFS and MHEGroup, operating as GFSI-MHE. The plant operates to recycle decommissioned wind turbine blades as part of the growing wind energy economy in rural Texas.

The Texas plant and the upcoming factory in Tien Giang province will feature the same patented GFSI process to recycle composite fibreglass and carbon fiber waste and to manufacture new products from the processed waste. Both manufacturing entities will produce composite products with solid market value, such as warehouse pallets, construction panels and much more. The GFS-patented composite material, Ecopolycrete™, is infinitely applicable in many major composites industries.

Global Fiberglass Solutions CEO Don Lilly had this to say regarding his participation in the signing ceremony: “The agreement signing [in Vietnam] demonstrates GFS’ capability to cooperate and innovate on a global scale. The depth and breadth of our relationship shows the scalability of our process and methodology.”

The agreement and cooperation in Vietnam sends a huge signal to manufacturers and industries worldwide – Global Fiberglass Solutions is capable and ready to enable them, too, to recycle and reuse the entirety of their fibreglass and carbon fibre waste. Companies in many major industries continually face the daunting task of deciding what to do with large amounts of industrial waste, and GFS is providing a solution.