The leadership and management secrets of Rob Stokes

When you’ve grown a business from your bedroom into a major, multi-million dollar organisation, it’s safe to assume you know a few leadership and management tricks. Lucky for us, Rob Stokes (Chairman of the Red & Yellow School), was happy to share some of his.

Rob talks about the fifth layer of the onion, and how ‘not talking’ can reveal so much that you would otherwise never see.

  • “The value comes after the pause.” – Rob Stokes

Rob explains the importance of letting your team do the things that they are best at, without your interference!
  • “I try and encourage people to argue with me more.” – Rob Stokes
  • “You actually have to have the discipline to disagree.” – Rob Stokes

Rob talks about the importance of education in building individuals and teams who are more competitive in the economy.
  • “We got a return on investment in less than a week, and that’s what I aim for.” – Rob Stokes

Rob is a serial reader, talker and loves nothing more than joining the dots in business and being proven wrong.