Why we are the world’s first creative school of business: Rob Stokes

The Red & Yellow School offers students a whole new take on business learning, which is why Rob Stokes (Chairman of the Red & Yellow School), is so passionate about the work the school does.

Rob shares the reasons behind the Red & Yellow School’s creative training.
  • “We are a business school with creative thinking at its heart.”

 Rob highlights the importance of quality education as well as quality students for an educational institution.
Rob talks about how his creative business school offers business leaders an invaluable edge… and the importance of scarcity in negotiation.

Rob agrees with former US President Obama who said that government should get out the way so that entrepreneurs can fix the economy.

Rob enthuses about taking teams off-site to explore other businesses and operations, from your local KFC to a warship manufacturer!

  • “I’ve no idea what the outcome is going to be… but at the very least we will leave there with knowledge.” – Rob Stokes