Being fully prepared and having 100% engagement from all learners

There are many factors that affect a learner’s behaviour and performance, but one of the most impactful is the teacher’s degree of preparation.

Lesson Planning is, therefore, a strong focus of attention for all Edufundi mentors. Once mentees are confident in their ability to manage learners’ behaviour, the next step is to prepare and present lessons that provide plenty of opportunities for learners to practise and refine important skills.

Mentors will help their mentees step-by-step to create focused, well-structured lessons in which all learners are kept actively engaged as they progress towards independent mastery. “Discipline problems arise if the teacher is not prepared,” states Principal Lehlokwa.

“With the Edufundi lesson planning techniques, teachers go to class well-equipped; they know the steps of presenting the lesson, how to maintain discipline in class and how to get learners to pay attention. Every learner automatically comes to class knowing, ‘I have to be ready for anything’.”

A critical factor of classroom engagement is the shared responsibility for learning and, using the Edufundi approach, lessons are no longer about the teacher doing all the heavy lifting, as learners are taught to play their part. The expectation is that they will be prepared, co-operative and productive. And they are!

Teacher effectiveness matters: It’s a science. Children end up in different places in life based on who they have as teachers.

“I am a bit more organised now, and my children are too because they know exactly what is required of them. They are aware of the systems and routines in place and they get onto the business of the day much sooner,” says Mr D. Naidu from KwaZulu-Natal.

“I think about my lessons more, and I tend to be more productive,” adds Mr Naidu. “I also tend to focus on a larger number of learners in my class now, not only the high fliers or those paying attention. As a result, I’ve noticed those children who are very quiet and reserved are opening up and becoming more confident in themselves. Teaching and learning is becoming more participative.”

Edufundi believes strongly in the power of 100% – everyone does everything every time, and the teacher knows. This can be difficult for any teacher to achieve at the best of times, but it is particularly challenging when class sizes are unusually large.

Teachers who have 60 to 100 learners crammed into their classroom require a different kind of how, so their mentors adapt the Teach Like a Champion techniques to meet their specific needs and ensure that meaningful teaching and learning can take place.

“I have big classes (over 100 learners) but with the Edufundi techniques there is 100% involvement; everyone participates and discipline is good. Teaching and learning is very effective because my learners have nowhere to hide: they know that ‘My teacher knows I’m here’,” says Mrs N. Dlamini from KwaZulu-Natal.