Customisation in BIM drives dormakaba SA’s approach

According to dormakaba South Africa, the customised building information modelling (BIM) solutions it provides help differentiate the company in a fast-growing market that is transforming design and construction.

BIM is a 3D model-based process that delivers the insights required to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. It is widely considered to be the planning tool of the future and enables architects and designers to not only more effectively do their jobs but also leverage the latest digital innovations to do so.

The BIM process is used to create complete digital building models from individual objects that include building materials, floor finishes, electrical installations, and the like. What sets this process apart from others is that each individual object file contains a range of information and properties.

For example, a revolving door file will typically have the model and type name, the number of leaves and drive type, height, width and diameter, prices and costs, maintenance intervals, available spare parts, power consumption, CO2 emissions, and thermal and acoustic transmittance. So, when a door in a digital building model is replaced, the BIM-capable software can immediately display the impact this change will have on things such as the construction budget and even fire and noise protection.

But for dormakaba South Africa, being BIM-compliant is just one part of the process. It believes that by offering customers fully customisable solutions, they can more accurately design and capture the information necessary to ensure the success of their projects.

While many users still view BIM objects as mainly functional, the capabilities of new computers bring the opportunity for architects to present photo-realistic models of buildings directly in the BIM-capable software. Even better, clients will be able to walk through the digital building before the excavators even arrive on site.

Even though this more customised approach is a key part of the journey, dormakaba South Africa has also focused on the security of its application. This provides the architect with the choice to select the kind of information he or she shares. The solution is also password-protected and the information within it is secured.

So, for a completely tailored BIM approach that gives you access to a world-class design and management solution, contact dormakaba South Africa today and its in-house development team can customise it according to your unique needs.