ECD shares gift of love through creativity

In celebration of the month of love, youngsters at the Mustadafin Preschool in Sherwood Park, Manenberg showcased their creativity by designing and crafting fun hats!

It’s all about learning through play at the Mustadafin Preschool in Sherwood Park, Manenberg. This past Valentine’s Day, the Preschool hosted a ‘Funniest Hat Competition’.

“Learners tapped into their creativity to come up with some unique and eye-catching designs,” shares Ghairunisa Johnstone, director of Mustadafin Foundation.  

The aim of this initiative was for parents and children to work together on a project to create their hats using recycling material. It was a fun bonding exercise where parents got to chat to their children about the importance of recycling. A creative and learning exercise all at the same time. 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” ~ Albert Einstein

“At our institutes we motivate freedom of expression through art, and make sure that our learners’ needs and development is met holistically, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually,” said Mrs Jardien, principal of one of the 23 Mustadafin Preschools.

Winners of the ‘Funniest Hat Competition’ were based on authenticity and initiative.

Mustadafin Foundation has been running Early Childhood Development (ECD) for over 25 years. The Foundation supports 23 ECD centres, have established a Learning Centre and has four of its own ECD centres, with qualified staff in different locations within Cape Town.

Mustadafin Foundation relies heavily on donations to keep the schools going. Contributions towards electricity costs, stationary or personal protection equipment (PPE) would be greatly appreciated. 

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