How do you get more fans?

Gary Vaynerchuk is fast-talking, on-point with online branding and content creation… and culturally wired in. And he knows marketing.

A LinkedIn Influencer, Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, and 5-time New York Times bestselling author, Gary has a business meeting with Jarrell King Miller (aka American professional boxer – and former kickboxer – Big Baby Miller) to talk building Big Baby’s brand. And it’s documented on video, to let people in on who he is and who Big Baby is. So we get to know them both a bit better.

The full interview is below. It’s candid, open, Gary slouches in a chair, bites his nails… but he stays razor sharp in working out what Big Baby needs and where the opportunities are for him to grow as a brand. Or as someone who the public will be interested in. So, ya, a brand.

It’s incredible to watch fly-on-the-wall how someone at the top of their game builds confidence and trust in their own ability with the people in the room as well as the flies on the wall.

Then Gary said this which, to me, is everything.

Fast forward to 20:33. 

Gary: “I don’t know if you know this, this is crazy. I have an indentation in my head here, a little bald spot. My hair covers it. But Mike Tyson had that too. I don’t know if you remember old Mike Tyson pictures… he had that little like bald spot up here. Like back in 86, 87. He has a little indentation. That is why I loved Mike Tyson.”

You get it?

You need the meme? Here it is.

“Want more fans? Give them reasons to be your fan.” – Gary Vaynerchuk.

Boom! There’s your meme. And it’s below to copy and share

“Want more fans? Give them reasons to be your fan.” – Gary Vaynerchuk.

A little extra on the side from Gary. You need to watch the video to get the perspective on these, but here are two great soundbites to chew once you know what he’s talking about.

  • “You’re staying in a lane and I’m trying to expand your lane.”
  • “But then that’s you riding something. Versus being your own wave.”

Don’t make sense in isolation… but they will once you’ve watched the video.