How to crack the exam study code

Celebrity Detox Coach and New York Times best-selling author Natalia Rose and World Champion Sensei Bradley Grant-Smith share their advice for teens and adults caught up in the stress of studying for important exams.

“The amount of time they spend with their head in the books, they should be spending at least half that amount of time exercising and doing something moving the body, otherwise you will become terribly imbalanced,” says Natalia, who has a son and daughter who are facing up to the challenge of another set of end of year exams.

“The brain flows better when the body is in flow and it’s time for high life-force foods. It is so unfortunate that study and exam time now seem to go hand in hand with processed foods and energy drinks,” adds Natalia.

“That’s definitely the wrong way to go, you want to be running on natural energy have a natural high, so lots of green juices and good quality organic fruit. Good, clean blood is going to feed a healthy brain.”

“I think it is super important to get outdoors and get fresh oxygen into the body is just going to make them more creative, more stimulated and more able to think clearly and also take some of the stress away from being cooped up indoors focussing on the books,” says Bradley.

“Get out there, get the body pumping and flowing. Exercising is going to really help in releasing endorphins and it’s going to help counteract the cortisol level of the stress that goes into doing all these exams. Opening up the body is super useful for unlocking that tension,” adds Bradley.