“Nothing happens until you sell something,” says digital marketing guru Rob Stokes

Raised in an entrepreneurial home, Rob Stokes (Chairman of the Red & Yellow School) knows what it takes to start a business and to grow it into a success and sustainable venture.

Rob gives the best (and most honest!) advice about the importance of sales in the value chain. A must watch for anyone wanting to start their business or going freelance full-time.

  • “Sales adds a lot of value.” – Rob Stokes
  • “My favourite reason for someone leaving my business is to start their own business.” – Rob Stokes
  • “Now you have to find new people who are totally unknown to you and you have to convince them… and that’s when it gets hard!” -Rob Stokes
  • “I like the fact that fat gets removed from the value chain.” – Rob Stokes
  • “I allowed her to see my needs, which was to have an amazing home for my family to grow up in. Interestingly, she wanted that more than she wanted a bit more money, and I didn’t know this without asking questions.” – Rob Stokes

Rob talks about entrepreneurship and the value of starting your own business… and not hating yourself if you fail.

  • “Having a business makes it much easier to learn.” – Rob Stokes.

Rob shares one of his favourite stories about how to encourage young entrepreneurs to grow their own businesses.

On a business trip to Kenya, Rob was impressed by a man in Nairobi who made bracelets from his own hair… and Rob also shares the importance of never lunching alone!