Renew-It polishes up on customer satisfaction with cutting-edge campaign

As a global leader in the real-time customer feedback business, we at Surveway take pride in creating bespoke client feedback solutions across any industry, in any department. Our satisfied clients are testimony to the fact that Surveway surveys pack a positive punch, time and again!

One such a client is the Renew-it Auto Body Repairers group; the largest independent group of qualified auto body specialists in the Southern Hemisphere. They have 11 branches across South Africa, and take pride in turning new clients into repeat clients. In a highly competitive marketplace, however, dissatisfied customers could easily up-and-move to the next panel beater down the road if they’re dissatisfied with one aspect of their service experience at Renew-it. Prior to our involvement, Renew-it’s customer feedback was via a printed reply card which was completed manually. Data wasn’t captured immediately; the key role players didn’t receive details of negative feedback timeously and any opportunity to retain an unhappy client was lost.

In June 2016, we implemented our Surveway Customer Experience Measurement Solution using custom-designed desktop units consisting of a tablet placed on the service reception desk. Each client is asked to complete a live, 12-point questionnaire on the tablet prior to receiving their car keys.

The questions were carefully designed in such a way as to address all critical issues related to the customer’s experience. The scope included issues to be addressed at a corporate level (these are procedural issues) as well as branch-specific factors. Reply options consisted of ‘YES/NO’ choices, or a rating selection on a range from 0 to 10 was used.

Feedback is instant, and managers are immediately given access to results via a secure website. Reports include response counts by branch, region and total; negative feedback (daily, weekly, monthly, total); negative feedback by branch and region; and the negative response spread by question.

Customers were bowled over by the fact that they were immediately contacted by a manager to address the negative feedback they had just supplied. Clients who were adamant they’d never use Renew-it again, were converted into satisfied repeat customers.

For Renew-it, the Surveway solution has yielded significant benefits. Not only has it provided a value-added vehicle for effective client communication; it has been extremely cost-effective and effective, resulting in the solution being used to this day. Underperforming branches are now easily identifiable, and branch managers are immediately notified of negative feedback and the appropriate steps to remedy the situation.  Thanks to an effective reporting system, instant notification to the branch, regional and head office management ensures total transparency of all customer issues. As under-performing branches are easily identified, branch managers are able to compare their performance with that of the national customer satisfaction average. This helps to identify areas for improvement, and gives branches tangible ways in which to do so. Renew-it is consequently viewed as an innovator in a very competitive marketplace.

Renew-It Auto Body Repairers Marketing Director Clifford Joffe has this to say: “Surveway has enabled us to instantly react to dissatisfied customers and address their issues. This has greatly assisted our customer retention and satisfaction initiatives.  All the campaign objectives are being met and the overall performance of the Surveway system is extremely positive”.

Whether your business is in the automotive industry or any other market segment, Surveway is sure to have a dynamic, real-time, working enterprise solution, enabling a first class customer experience, and placing you at the cutting edge of performance.

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