The greatest teaching secret (and it includes a trampoline!)

This past week I have twice had the chance to sit down and interview Andrew Bourne, Zoho’s Regional Manager for Africa.

Andrew is a pretty cool guy: a former wakeboarder for South Africa and a successful entrepreneur, he is now the driving force behind the team that has been charged with empowering South African and African small and large businesses through Zoho’s quite incredible bouquets (yes, ‘bouquets’!) of business apps.

Zoho’s latest package offering (Zoho One) is a game-changer for any business – take it for a 30-day test drive, ASAP!

Andrew is also an incredibly engaging speaker and, aside from everything he told me about his own entrepreneurial journey and how Zoho has built up its incredible range of products, he also shared with me a fascinating story about how he taught an introverted young boy how to do a backflip on a trampoline – even though the kid was adamant he could NEVER pull it off!

In the process, Andrew discovered an incredible way to reach and teach someone who initially seemed unreachable. The process of learning to backflip empowered this young man and filled him with confidence in every aspect of his life. A truly inspiring story.

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