A baker on a mission

Freddie Bieldt is the founder, owner and baker of Cape Town-based Freddie’s Bread. He is also a nuclear engineer, a nuclear waste coordinator, a devoted husband and father… and a baker on a mission.

His wife Charlotte’s health struggles (including gluten intolerance and type 1 diabetes) saw him embark on a decades-long journey to discover the perfect ingredients for family health.

“Her quality of life was terribly low and at such a young age I couldn’t accept that diagnosis and that that would be her destiny,” says. “That just clicked something in my mind that that’s not right, and that launched an entire long investigation and journey that redirected the way we think about food and health and things we take for granted.”

Freddie has since set up Freddie’s Bread, a small artisan sourdough bakery with big ideas and huge heart. The bakery creates delicious and nutritious sourdough Spelt loaves and Pizza bases to order… comfort food that makes you feel good.