A new magazine is born

Welcome to u|Chief

Welcome to a brand new business and leadership magazine – u|Chief.

Designed as a digital magazine (we call it a Softmag©), u|Chief is designed to be easy to read on a computer screen or a tablet. You can read u|Chief as a digital flipmag on ISSUU – either on our Free Range ISSUU page (Free Range), or on one of the pages of u|Chief website where we have embedded the mag.

Our recommendation, though, is that you download the PDF version of the magazine (first edition is available here). That way you can read it whenever you like, even if the WiFi is down, and you can share it as widely as you like. The more people who read it, the happier we are, because our mission is to share information and insights as far and wide as possible.

We want to share with you the conversations with knowledge leaders you don’t have time for.

As u|Chief is a digital publication, it also allows us to box clever when it comes to content. Specifically, we’ve created four versions of our first issue:

  1. The full edition;
  2. A slightly condensed South African edition;
  3. A condensed Africa version; and
  4. A condensed World version.

Although we believe all our content is relevant to leaders and innovators around the globe, for convenience we have made each version slightly smaller by leaving certain articles out of the different editions based on what we think is most relevant to readers interested in each edition.

If you have suggestions for other editions we’ll gladly provide those as well… and because the digital publishing world offers us so much flexibility, we’ve got even more exciting innovations to come in the months ahead.


Why u|Chief?

We hate the word “boss”, and even “leader” can carry negative connotations. Chief is a title that sounds more inclusive, and that’s the one drum we are happy to beat: as a global community, we should strive to include others and to profit from the power of diversity as well as the benefits that arise from having a diverse economy, society and even diverse teams.

Why the “u” before Chief?

u|Chief has been designed as a magazine for “you” as a leader (aka a chief). Whether you’re a Fortune 500 CEO, a middle-manager, the owner of an SMME, a wannabe business owner or business tycoon, or even a stay-at-home parent, we’ve created a mix of content we hope you will find insightful as well as valuable in your life and your work.

The mix of content in u|Chief is quite wide and diverse but, as a leader, it’s vital to have a wide and diverse range of insight and knowledge. Go chief! 

Simon Lewis | Editor