Accelerating digital equity in South Africa

Three SA NGOs to participate in 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Summit, a Collaboration between HP Inc., and the Aspen Institute      

ABOVE: Yesh Surjoodeen, MD Southern Africa at HP

In an era where digital connectivity has become the cornerstone of progress and opportunity, three exceptional non-governmental organisations are leading the charge to accelerate digital equity in South Africa. Siyafunda Community CTC, Digify Africa, and E-Cubed are proud participants in the 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Summit, and they need your support to make a lasting impact. The Accelerating Digital Equity Global Summit is organised by the Digital Equity Accelerator, a collaboration between HP Inc. and the Aspen Institute’s Aspen Digital.

Members of the press are invited to attend the Global Summit and should register here.

Siyafunda Community Centre CTC strives to ensure that previously disadvantaged communities are not left behind in the digital age. Through innovative educational programmes, Siyafunda empowers individuals with essential digital skills, fostering inclusion and opportunity. Their digital skills-building work focuses on unemployed youth, persons with disabilities, women and girls, and teachers and learners across South Africa.

Digify Africa with a focus on the youth, is committed to equipping young South Africans with the digital skills vital for the contemporary workforce. Their initiatives span digital marketing, content creation, and entrepreneurship, preparing the next generation for a prosperous future. Their solution includes Digibot, a WhatsApp Chatbot.

E-Cubed  is unwavering in its mission to enhance digital literacy and access within South Africa’s education system. They extend critical digital learning resources, provide teacher training, and deliver technology solutions to schools, ensuring that every student possesses the necessary tools for success. Their goal is for young people to graduate with an entrepreneurial mindset and actively participate in the world.

These three NGOs are working tirelessly to empower individuals and communities through digital inclusion. On the 17 October, each will deliver short pitches about their goals and impact, and those attending the Summit can vote for Audience Choice Awards. Your vote at the 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Summit can make a significant difference in their efforts to create a more digitally inclusive South Africa.
“HP takes a multifaceted approach to bridge the global digital divide and promote social and economic equality. This includes ensuring technology access, supporting education and digital literacy, forming partnerships, championing sustainability, and participating in initiatives to address these global challenges. In collaboration with Aspen Digital, we are proud to bring together visionary leaders, including those from South Africa, for the 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Global Summit. Our collective goal is to develop solutions that uplift the well-being of millions across the globe” said Yesh Surjoodeen, MD Southern Africa at HP.

By supporting Siyafunda Community CTC, Digify Africa, and E-Cubed, you are promoting equal access to digital opportunities, empowering the youth with essential digital skills, strengthening South Africa’s education system, and lastly bridging the digital divide that hinders progress.

How to Participate:

  1. Visit the official 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Summit website.
  2. Attend the live, virtual event on 17 October to listen to each organization’s pitch – and vote for your favourite.
  3. Cast your vote and make a difference in the lives of countless South Africans.

On the 18 October, investors, philanthropists, tech, and others are invited to attend the Africa Regional Summit, which will host conversations around digital inclusion and social innovation at the regional level. To register for the Africa Summit, please visit here and explain your interest.

Your vote matters, it is a step towards a more digitally inclusive South Africa. Share this message with your friends, family, and colleagues, and encourage them to support Siyafunda Community CTC, Digify Africa, and E-Cubed at the 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Summit. Let us come together as a nation and ensure that every South African can thrive in the digital age.