Build your tribe

“Successful entrepreneurs and leaders create the outcomes they desire, by surrounding themselves with like-minded people and those working towards the same goal. It’s their ‘tribe’ but how do you create one?” asks Mimi Rupp.

I am a believer that ‘like attracts like’, and you should surround yourself with people that carry a positive light. Entrepreneurs all need to surround themselves with people who want to make a difference and bring out the good, warm, and fuzzy stuff that will influence others and gets them asking, “How do I join?”

My motto is “Whatever you put inside, you get out.” Consider this while you’re building and connecting with others. Think of your network as your net worth: if the people you are connecting with don’t share the same purpose or vision that you desire to acquire, what is your net worth?

Create and build your tribe on positive vibes and I promise that you will always have an understanding and supportive group behind you. I could tell you that there’s more to building a tribe than what I have provided you so far, but there really isn’t. Overthinking its creation will probably lead to you delaying putting your tribe together.  

It is as simple as starting a book or supper club. Everything else to grow your tribe and solidify its role will come as you grow your community. Things like jargon you may use within your tribe and the roles people play will come as you grow.

When considering who you want to surround yourself, ask yourself the following:

  • What is your vision for yourself and others in your tribe?

This is the most essential ingredient to building your community.

  • Does your tribe have a shared purpose?

Find out what you are working towards as a unit.

  • What does your tribe identify as? 

Create a name for your tribe.

  • How will your tribe engage with each other? 
    Closed Facebook groups, monthly meetings, etc. are great for having a controlled space to monitor and interact with your tribe.
  • What will you and your tribe do to make your mark? 

You can start a blog, host community events, or even create a product.

As I said, don’t overthink it, and have fun as you become closer and closer as a group.

Remember, a tribe isn’t just a group of ‘fans’ that follow, tweet, like, or share your stuff on social media. A tribe is your second family. They congratulate you on your success. They encourage you, they see your vision when you can’t, and it’s your support network.

– Mimi Rupp is a business owner and a mentor for entrepreneurs