I say “NO!”

The shame of sexual harassment – and how to say “No!”.

In light of the ever-growing revelations of sexual scandals in Hollywood and amongst politicians and celebrities, u|Chief is looking for insight into the evil of sexual harassment and what can be done to fight the problem and to protect victims as well as potential future victims.

We welcome individuals to share their story about how you (or someone you know) succeeded in rebuffing or stopping a sex abuser / pest / harasser, particularly in an office or work scenario.

• How do you believe society can fight the specific evil of sexual harassment?
• Where should we draw the line when it comes to acceptable behaviour in terms of inappropriate comments, jokes, suggestions or physical contact – and how can we practically implement such a ‘line’?
• How did you succeed in stopping an abuser or voicing your “NO” so that they backed off and left you alone?
• How did you deal with any consequences that followed and what is your advice to anyone who is faced with any form of harassment?
• Do you have any advice or messages for ABUSERS to help THEM to stop their behaviour… especially advice coming from people who have themselves previously harassed or placed unwanted sexual advances/pressure on other individuals?

Individuals are free to email us from a private account or to submit their answers via the comments section below for complete anonymity.

Please send your contributions to the u|Chief editor via email.

All contributions will be anonymous, but we can include age, gender, province or country if the contributor requests. If the contributor wants their name published we will publish on their request, but no details of the abuser or harasser or their organisations will be published.

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is solely aimed at offering advice and empowering individuals to fight this hideous behavior. In no way can contributions play a part in naming or shaming anyone (hopefully the courts and karma will see to them!).