Instant death cover… with a selfie on relaunched app

Centurion, 28 November 2017: OUTsurance has launched an enhanced app including OUTthere, accidental death and injury cover that doesn’t require you to commit to monthly premiums. This on-demand life insurance is available to you whether you are an OUTsurance client or not, for between one and 30 days and offers cover between R100 000 and R1 million.

Danie Matthee, CEO of OUTsurance explains, “The way OUTthere is delivered is very innovative. You could be at airport departures just about to go scuba diving or bungee jumping and you can quickly go on the app. After answering just five questions and making an immediate premium payment through a secure portal, you are covered. There are no forms, no medicals and no underwriting. We just need a selfie to prove that you are still alive and well! This instant life insurance and injury cover is line with the OUTsurance value proposition – simple to use, value for money and innovative.”

“There are no forms, no medicals and no underwriting. We just need a selfie to prove that you are still alive and well!” – Danie Matthee

In addition, the app allows you to get a life insurance quote in under a minute.

SmartDrive OUTsurance’s telematics programme is also offered on the app. Using it could result in discounts on premiums.  People who are not yet OUTsurance clients can download the app, and after a period of driving well, may get a discount of up to 25%. Matthee comments, “Over and above great premiums and service, SmartDrive is another way we reward good driving.”

Clients can also lodge a claim on the app and complete a windscreen claim without having to interact with the call centre at all. To cover a new item on their facility takes just a few taps and a snap of the new item using their smartphone. App users can refer friends and family to OUTsurance and earn R1000 off their premium for doing so.

Matthee comments “OUTsurance is built on providing high-quality products with exceptional value for money.  We back this up with awesome service, particularly when clients claim and we create a culture of innovation to attract great people and to grow.”

OUTsurance recently launched OUTvest, an innovative retail investment service to complement its suite of direct to consumer short-term and life insurance products. OUTvest helps you to set and reach financial goals by making it easy to build personal investment plans combining sophisticated investment technology and human expertise to help make investing simple.

The OUTsurance app is available for free in the Apple store and in the Play store for android users.