My way: Find your work Zen

Chris Ogden’s 8 top tips to find your work Zen


I minimise leftover emails in my outbox. Leftovers mean the pile is queuing up for tomorrow. Instead, I forward any emails I am not directly needed for to the right team member internally.

Be healthy. Do what pleases you on this level, but be active in some way: it clears your mind and obliterates unimportant things.

Support your “other” passions, not just the work one.

Practice what you preach – failure to do so makes you a bad leader.

Plan tomorrow tonight, from diary items to your “to do lists”.

Flush your mind – don’t do the same thing every day. Mix it up, go to a seminar that isn’t exactly in the same space as you, drive a different way to work. Don’t get stuck in a rut – it makes you stale.

Learn to prioritise. So often we get stuck in the meaningless stuff purely for comfort reasons.

Have a mentor, No matter how big you think you are, there are always bigger fish with something to teach you.