My Way: Alone time behind the wheel

Group Chief Executive Officer Khalid Abdulla is the driving force behind JSE-listed African Equity Empowerment Investments (AEEI).

It’s been a bumper year for the diverse AEEI investment group, with the listing of its food division, impressive results, and several industry awards including recognition for its financial performance and its empowered management team who steer the various companies
within the group.

In addition to the numerous company acknowledgements, Abdulla himself has been honoured with an Oliver Empowerment Award as the Top Empowered Business Leader of the Year 2017 and the country’s first Vision 2030 Future Maker: Driver for Change.

South Africa’s top business leader is also a passionate family man, a keen sportsman and someone who appreciates that the finer things in life do not just fall out of the sky, but come as a result of hard work and dedication to one’s craft. 

One of his key enjoyments (that also helps balance the energy needed to continue operating at the level he does – sitting on the boards of all the companies the Group has interests in, travelling and attending family and his children’s school events and functions) is listening to music while driving in the sanctuary of his newly acquired Jaguar XF. 

“Everyone needs some alone time,” says Abdulla “and mine just happens to be the journey to and from the office or meetings, where I get to switch off the phone, immerse myself in the music I want to hear, or listen to an interesting podcast while reflecting and thinking up new ideas. Doing so in comfort, is an added benefit.”