SFI Health’s first Sustainability Report gains GRI recognition

SFI Health, a privately owned company, with global operations, have voluntarily made ESG commitments through their first public sustainability report.

The report outlines baseline emissions, future commitments and has been granted the Global Reporting Initiative’s Content Service Index Mark* which recognises credible and transparent disclosures. The collection of baseline data was performed by SFI Health team members in all regions, passionate about corporate responsibility and sustainability.

“Whilst we have taken past action to reduce our carbon impact, this has been without knowledge of our emissions baseline. Measuring our carbon footprint is an important first step to building scope 1,2 and 3 carbon reduction plans, toward net zero.” Said Robert Hendriks, Group CEO. “I’m proud we, as a privately owned company have taken this voluntary, responsible and transparent step to strengthen our ESG performance”.

SFI Health produce a range of scientifically supported, integrative health products. SFI Health specialises in microbiome and cognitive health, two interconnected systems at the centre of human health. There is a heavy reliance on nature for sourcing the active ingredients.

“Improving our ESG performance is not only the right thing to do for our planet and society, but is also something which resonates with our teams who volunteer to be part of SFI Health’s ‘Green Team’.” SFI Health’s owner, Eng Liang Tan said. “Nature is central to our purpose of improving the quality of human life, without protecting it, contributing meaningfully to society and governing ourselves with integrity, we do not stay true to our vision”. He continued.

SFI Health will use 2023 to strengthen governance structures and develop target driven roadmaps for emission reductions.

Download link: Sustainability report SFI Health – 2021