Telviva to bundle popular add-ons to their Telviva One platform

Telviva has announced that it will be bundling additional add-ons and CRM integration to address the commonly shared frustration of ever-increasing costs to add functionality.

Leading South African unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) vendor and service provider Telviva has announced that due to widespread demand, it has bundled its popular add-ons, as well as crucial CRM integration, into a single, cost-effective Telviva One Premium subscription. This, the business says, provides a solution for CFOs who are scrambling to keep up with spiralling multi-cloud and software licensing costs.

Telviva, which prides itself on enabling better quality conversations through context-driven cloud UCaas and CCaaS, consolidates multiple communication channels to improve customer acquisition, retention and support. Telviva’s Chief Commercial Officer, Rob Lith, says that in modern multi-cloud environments, costs can creep up with messy functionality overlaps, and that this cannot be justified.

Rob Lith, Chief Commercial Officer, Telviva 

Lith says it was clear the market needed a single, cost-effective solution that could provide full UC&C functionality that included the ability to accept incoming interactions from multiple channels with full context for each engagement.

“We needed to come up with a total solution that can be managed through a single pane of glass. This needed to be both cost-effective and rand-based in an environment where businesses are forced to deal with the volatility of dollar and euro-based licensing,” he says.

“Various teams often add different licences and before long the CFO discovers a stack of different licenses often with overlapping functionality which is not just messy, it is a waste of money. We designed Telviva One Premium as a solution to the quandaries coming up in multi-cloud service environments,” says Lith.

He explains that the changes were driven by the market. “Everyone has been asking for CRM integrations because it is the heart of where all conversations are happening. Without the CRM integration, you can’t provide context for engagements to business users, such as knowing the name of the incoming caller and the full history of engagements, including resolved and unresolved queries. This needed to be bundled into the solution so that businesses don’t need to engage yet another service provider to do the integration.

“Similarly, for teams to be able to handle incoming interactions from various channels, we have bundled in our highly popular Engage product.”

He says businesses now have a single solution to address widely shared frustrations typical in cloud environments. Lith explains that as more and more businesses move towards true omnichannel communication functionality, having a one-stop solution sold in rands will likely be a breath of fresh air for the market.

Telviva integrates voice calls, PBX, video conferencing, instant messaging, contact centre, and business intelligence into one single service. We are compatible with leading devices, smartphones, and data networks making Telviva easy to access and enabling work from anywhere. We provide a telecoms system that has the ability to drive a better experience for your customers and better productivity, accuracy, and speed from your staff members by integrating with underlying CRMs, contact databases, and other third-party cloud solutions to gather the history and context of previous conversations.

Our solution is delivered as a managed service from the cloud, is scalable, and compliments the digital journey of business. The service is designed to be a secure service with high availability. In our service delivery, we aspire to achieve high levels of transparency and to act in a way that builds trust.

Photo: Tim Hartelt/Pexels