50 can be the new 25-year-old

“We know today that it doesn’t matter what age you are, your brain cells can regenerate at exactly the same pace as they’ve always done,” says Louise Mowbray of Mowbray Design.

So you can certainly augment your ability to do that with meditation and they have shown that 50-year-olds who meditate every day for even 20 minutes a day – either by taking a walk or enjoying painting, doing yoga or playing golf – that could all be a meditative action – the average 50-year-old who spends 20 minutes a day doing anything like that has the same brain capacity – if we can call it that – as a 25-year-old, so it’s no different.

“I think what happens over time is that we can get stuck in habitual ways of thinking… and we can change that at a moment’s notice, it just takes a bit of determination and some self-discipline.

“So this idea of ‘old people not being with it’ and not being able to work in today’s economy is absolute nonsense. Number one, we shouldn’t accept that for ourselves and number tow, we need to be careful of branding whole groups of people because, scientifically, it’s not true and, secondly, it’s down to the individual.”

u|Chief chatted to Louise for well over an hour in January 2020 at the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town (see the full interview here).

Louise’s insights into the world of business, innovation and social change are the reason why she maintains a client list of blue-chip international corporations and individuals.

In August 2020, Louise innovated a bold new workshop aimed at bringing diverse individuals together with the aim of collaborating and identifying new ways for each individual to pivot in their careers and for their business.

For more info on this exciting new series of workshops, click here: Time to Pivot


18 AUGUST 2020 | 9am EST / 2pm BST / 3pm SAST… 90-Magic-Minutes

Pivot your career or business by tapping into the diverse experience, insight and innovative thinking of Collective Wisdom

 Today, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are faced with the realisation that we need to rapidly pivot and change. However, we’re not always clear as to what we have to offer or where our experience and expertise may be of great value to others.

As business people, we may also have processes, systems, products, services or offerings that can be rapidly realigned or repurposed to meet specific needs, today and into the future.

Often, it’s way easier to pinpoint someone else’s value than to see it in ourselves. Equally, when we are intimately aligned with our business offering, it can be tough to identify the opportunities available to us.

How does this session work?

We’re doing this together. This means you are both the recipient of your fellow participants Collective Wisdom and a Contributor.

A little unusual perhaps, however, we know the best ideas, the ‘aha’ moments, the tipping-points often come from outside of our teams, circles, sectors and markets.

Join us on the 18th August as we come together as Thought Partners to support each other to take courageous action.

Register here: Time to Pivot