Eleanor Scott: Tale of the mentor

Eleanor Scott has been a business coach and mentor for more than 25 years and today mentors and coaches business executives, therapists and ‘developing’ leaders in organizations. She also mentors Nu Skin leaders and distributors on a daily basis. 


Please share some background in terms of how you have helped to develop, equip and mentor leaders for the future in families, businesses and communities?

For the past two decades I have invested in developing people from all walks of life. As a mother I developed and equipped my children to learn and lead where ever they had an opportunity. Today they both own and manage very successful businesses. As a nursing sister and midwife I groomed the younger student nurses, in business I have always desired to raise up the next level of leadership in order to pass on the business baton. Mentoring in the community forms part of my tithing of my time, treasure and talent.


You state your life purpose as “helping people maximize their potential for an abundant life.” What are the challenges of this and what are the strains, stresses and demands it places on the mentor?

My mentorship philosophy is focused on the mentee – not on my desires or plans for their future. With this focus the pressure is not on me to perform but rather to influence the mentees to desire to be more and fulfil their potential.


How do you ensure you keep yourself focused on your goal and purpose in the life of your mentee?

My commitment to my mentees is to help them stay focused on THEIR purpose and plans, it’s not about me, it’s about them being the best they can be with my help.


What is the best advice for a mentee in terms of how to get the most out of the relationship with their mentor?

Its a relationship built on trust, so the mentee must “connect” with the mentor and there must be some inspirational connection for the relationship to be beneficial


Many leaders find it difficult to mentor their own family. What is your advice in terms of being able to have a similar influence or effect on others close to them?

Influencing people is just one of the skills required for effective mentorship. Personally, my family mentorship is not formal or structured… but it is happening!! I try to find teachable moments through questions and conversations with people close to me. I do, however, encourage all people to have mentors who speak into their lives.


What are the challenges of developing entrepreneurs?

The greatest challenge in any relationship is missed expectations… and it’s no different with mentorship. Leadership and entrepreneurship are very closely linked, so there are common signs evident among successful individuals. In general, entrepreneurs have great ideas and passion but often lack the “business know how”.


What insight do you have in terms of the crucial field of early childhood development and education?

This is a big question and I would not do it justice in one sentence. However, in my opinion the education “system” is failing our children and not equipping them for life and work
in the future.


What’s your secret for growing from a R2-million per annum business to one of SA’s top 20 non-listed companies?

No secret, really, just a pursuit of my passion to make a difference in early childhood development through moms who wanted to contribute to their households financially while being great moms and the primary educator of their children.


The education “system” is failing our children and not equipping them for life and work in the future.


How do you keep track of everything going on in such a big business when you are working with so many people?

I have developed systems that work for me and learnt the skill of intentional listening in order to remember.


Tell us about your role as Executive Mentor to The Hope Factory and some of the best learnings and experiences you have had along the way?

This was a role for a season at The Hope Factory during a period of transition from the founder to a new CEO and the appointment of new Executives. They also desired to introduce a new programme to assist entrepreneurs in business to become sustainable beyond three years. I helped select,
recruit train and develop the team in JHB and PE.


What mistakes have you made as a mentor and coach that other mentors or coaches can learn from?

The mistakes I have learnt from … are not to allow co-dependence in your relationships. It’s their journey and a mentor’s job is to assist and encourage along the way and being their best cheerleader – not to do the job for them!

  • Eleanor Scott is the founder and CEO of Impact Mentoring Academy and mentors Nu Skin leaders and distributors on a daily basis. www.nuskin.com