kulula.com work: helping local business go face-to-face

There’s an old saying that there are only two ways to grow an enterprise: to lower your running-costs and to increase your profits. In a tight economic climate, growing a business can seem difficult. But Dawn Weir, Head of kulula work says that’s precisely when efficiency and resourcefulness are key.

“kulula.com was built on a culture of entrepreneurship and we know how important entrepreneurs are to economic growth. So, we want to be sure that there are as few obstacles as possible to building a business, especially as most new jobs in coming years will be in small businesses.

“Face-to-face meetings are proven to be far more beneficial than email conversations or teleconference. While technology has a role, personalised face-time still beats other means of contact for business.”


“Face-to-face meetings are proven to be far more beneficial than email conversations or teleconference.” – Dawn Weir


Weir explains that kulula work is a specialised corporate travel service to ensure that businesspeople can travel to close deals, meet business partners or network without excessive cost.

For example, business people travelling with kulula work are guaranteed the best fares of the day on kulula.com, don’t pay booking fees and don’t pay for flight changes, only for the difference in fare and the airport taxes. They also offer competitive car-hire and accommodation options.

“Because running a competitive and efficient business is about managing your costs, kulula work offers support on invoicing and monthly reporting, as well as account management and access to a Corporate Reservations team. They’re also available after-hours if needed.

“It is a team of professionals – with an agent dedicated to your account – who’ll assess your business travel needs and set up a corporate travel deal to meet your requirements.”

And, adds Weir, because entrepreneurs need work-life balance to keep succeeding, kulula work offers an extra 20kg free baggage allowance for travellers with musical instruments and sporting equipment.


Contact kulula work on 011 285 3050 or sales@kulula.com