5 smart reasons for buying a second-hand car

Everyone likes the idea of a shiny new car – you want to take that obligatory selfie in front of your new set of wheels, with the pink bow that always seems to grace the bonnet in the background.

Sadly, the novelty wears off as soon as the expenses rack up. There are a host of long-term benefits to investing in a second-hand car (and your own pink ribbon).

Parents have traditionally been divided into two camps when it comes to advising their offspring once they have a new driving licence in their hot little hands: some parents believe that buying a second-hand car is just buying someone else’s problems, while others hold true to the belief that a car loses its value as soon as it rolls out of the showroom floor.

The former couldn’t be further from the truth, while the latter is actually backed up by stats: a new car loses 30% of its retail value when leaving the showroom… and then there is the safety aspect to consider. Your odds of becoming a hijacking statistic in a second-hand vehicle are considerably lower than when you drive a brand new car.

Just what else do you need to consider before taking the leap? William Miller and Renaldo de Jager, co-founders of auction.co.za, take a closer look as they caution you to do your homework before deciding if it’s in good shape as all used aren’t created equal.

With that caveat, here are five of the best reasons to buy a used car.


Buying a used car used to be a roll of the dice. “Buying someone else’s problems” was how some have described it.

But today there are companies that produce vehicle history reports based on the car’s vehicle identification number, aka its VIN. Verification of the mileage and whether the vehicle was ever declared a total loss by an insurance company are included in these reports.

Quality range

Used cars on auction sites also come with a full service history, have been vetted by specialists and are quality assured of the best possible driving experience. Often you can also benefit from what remains on the motor plan.

Just do your research and choose a reputable site to avoid any risks from scammers or fly-by-night operations.

Your odds of becoming a hijacking statistic in a second-hand vehicle are considerably lower than when you drive a brand new car.

Insurance savings

The insurance is cheaper. The money you save on your monthly insurance premiums can be used to pay off your other personal debt or could be put towards other monthly expenses.

More value

Car sites have stock of used cars that reflect what people are driving on the roads today. As the prices are also more cost-effective, you can look for a higher class of vehicle than you would have been able to afford when going new. It’s a great – and affordable – way to upgrade that family car.

Getting more bang for your buck

You’re able to buy more car when opting for used, as opposed to stretching your car buying rands for a new vehicle. You might not be able to afford that new luxury car, but one that’s a few years old might well fit your budget. We used to think that a car with 100 000km on the clock was done, but today many vehicles running strong up to 200 000km.

That’s like a second life!

It has also become incredibly easy to purchase a used car from sites like www.auction.co.za, and the process can be done from the comfort of your smartphone. All buyers need to do it to register on the site, find the car of their dreams and they will receive an in-depth inspection checklist before making the final call.

The cherry on top is the fact that an auction house such as auction.co.za has 3 500 cars in its warehouse, and has an extremely solid track record, with over 250 000 vehicles sold online.