Confident, happy and enthusiastic educators

Teachers who enjoy support from the Edufundi programme share some of their experiences.

During her short time on the Programme, Mrs N. Dlamini from KwaZulu-Natal has made noteworthy progress, and her enthusiasm is contagious: “I love myself now. I feel as if I am a new teacher; I enjoy teaching more. I need to train and workshop other educators, to make sure I ‘make’ someone who is just like me.”

Other mentees are also eager to share what they have learned with their colleagues, especially those in senior positions who will be retiring in the coming years: “I hope that whatever Edufundi has given me, I will be able to pay it back by assisting other educators,” says Mr D. Naidu. “Then, when I leave the profession I will know that, besides helping learners, I have made a difference to other educators as well.”

This is an important step in the journey of mentoring, since knowledge shared is power multiplied. With the continued support of their mentors, mentees are encouraged to create a community of practice so that the Teach Like a Champion principles and techniques become embedded in the culture of the school.

“It will become a routine – children will start doing this without really thinking about it if (all) educators are doing the same thing,” adds Mr D. Naidu.

“This programme has offered teachers time to reconnect to their creativity.” – Ms Mafilika.

Ms Dolopu, a Grade 6 teacher at Machiu Primary School in Port Elizabeth, has been in the teaching profession for 22 years. She was mentored for the first time by Ms Vuyokazi Mafilika in 2018. “What I have learnt from the programme is the importance of a generous and giving mindset, which has helped me be totally open to receive any suggestions and ideas. I am no longer embarrassed to accept help as I understand the absolute need of my mentor-mentee relationship,” says Ms Dolopu.

“It is a flowing support of help that is mutually beneficial. It is an absolute pleasure to have Ms Mafilika around as she has taught me so much already. I have learnt various skills which I have implemented in all my lessons.

“There has been a positive improvement in my class in terms of answering and also asking questions by the learners, which indicates that they understand my lessons. The techniques I use the most are Double Plan, Objective, Exit Ticket and Do Now. They work wonders for me. This programme has offered teachers time to reconnect to their creativity. I am humbled by the support I receive from Edufundi.”