J.P. Morgan deploys Mosaic Smart Data for fixed income data analytics

  • Mosaic’s predictive analytics and AI technology is first graduate from bank’s ‘In-Residence’ fintech programme
  • Bank signs multi-year contract spanning entire fixed income trading business


23 October 2017 (London/New York): Mosaic Smart Data’s real-time data analytics platform MSX® has been deployed by J.P. Morgan to optimise the productivity and profitability of its global fixed income sales and trading division.

Mosaic Smart Data enables banks to harness the increasing volume of trade data they hold and apply cutting-edge technologies such as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. This allows sales, trading, management and compliance teams to better understand, monitor and anticipate their clients’ needs.

Mosaic Smart Data is the first graduate of ‘In-Residence’, a J.P. Morgan programme created last year for technology start-ups looking to commercialise ideas that solve real-world challenges in financial services. J.P. Morgan has signed a multi-year contract with Mosaic Smart Data spanning its entire fixed-income trading business.

By using sophisticated historical, real-time and predictive analytics algorithms, the MSX® platform will provide, in the first instance, J.P. Morgan’s rates, sales and trading business with advanced tools to accurately provide tailored client service. This innovative technology enables users to better visualise and anticipate market and client activity and thereby offer better service. It can also reduce the cost and complexity of compliance.

Matthew Hodgson, CEO and founder of Mosaic Smart Data, comments: “Data analytics and artificial intelligence are changing the face of investment banking. Banks understand that the insights locked away in their transaction and market data are potentially some of their biggest competitive advantages. They already have the raw materials, but MSX® gives them the tools to aggregate and standardise that data and put it to work intelligently. We are delighted to welcome J.P. Morgan, the biggest FICC trading bank in the world, onto the platform.”

The data and analytics industry is booming. In 2016, global spending on financial market information and analysis topped USD 27 billion for the first time in history.[1] This spend has been driven by banks seeking to boost profitability in the face of continued pressures on margins from high fixed costs and the burden of regulatory and capital requirements.

Troy Rohrbaugh, Global Head of Macro at J.P. Morgan, comments: “Having a more holistic view of trading data will improve our service delivery for clients. The Mosaic platform integrates securely with our existing technology infrastructure, and enables our teams to quickly make better-informed decisions.”

Sanoke Viswanathan, Chief Administrative Officer of the Corporate & Investment Bank at J.P. Morgan, comments: “We review hundreds of fintech companies for our In-Residence programme but ultimately only partner with a handful. Mosaic has been successful because they demonstrated the ability to partner closely with us and co-develop the product.”



About Mosaic Smart Data

Financial institutions are facing a challenging period in FICC markets, largely as a result of the constraints of new regulatory initiatives, high fixed costs and a fragmented market structure.

As the volume of data linked to trading activity and interactions with clients increases, the challenge to harness and analyse that data in real time becomes ever more critical.

Data-driven banking no longer lies in the future. It is the here and now.

Mosaic Smart Data understands that the true value of data comes not only from the intrinsic individual data streams themselves, but also from the correlations and inferences that can be drawn from the aggregated data from each client.

Our cutting-edge technology addresses the challenges facing institutions trading in today’s FICC markets, including change management, productivity, efficiency, restructuring and the growing automation of trading processes.

Institutions which harness their data intelligently to predict and service their client needs will gain an edge and emerge as the dominant market players.

Our vision is to empower financial market professionals with usable, data-driven tools to ask the questions they need answered and to receive those results in a language they can understand.

For more information, visit www.mosaicsmartdata.com.