R1.25-million donated to SANParks Honorary Rangers to Counter Poaching

For the past five years, the Conservation Services National Project of the SANParks Honorary Rangers has received an annual donation of R250 000 from the Amdec Group for anti-poaching efforts in the National Kruger Park area.

The SANParks Honorary Rangers is a group of unpaid volunteers who give freely of their time to support wildlife conservation in South Africa’s National Parks.

The total R1,25 million donation for the Save Our Rhinos Initiative has been used to procure the rangers’ essential anti-poaching equipment to improve their working conditions and poachers’ tracking performance. The funds have also been used to support the SANParks Air Wing.

Amdec’s 2019 donation was used to install landing lights at the Skukuza runway to allow anti-poaching helicopters to take off and land at night, as well as enable the rangers to track poachers at any time. In 2020 the company’s donation will be allocated to equip the rangers with specialised survival equipment that allows the rangers to stay out in the bush, tracking down poachers, for longer periods of time.

Proudly South African, The Amdec Group seeks to safeguard the environment with its commitment towards eco-sustainable development, so preserving our rich natural heritage for future generations.

It is with this goal in mind that John Wilson, Chairman of the Amdec Group and keen wildlife photographer and conservationist, founded the initiative back in 2015 to raise funds in support of anti-poaching projects.

“These passionate volunteers give freely of their time and skills to support what is dear to my heart and to our heritage as a nation,” shares Wilson. “Every rand donated to the Save our Rhinos initiative is used to fight poaching.”

SANParks Honorary Ranger Janssen Davies expressed his gratitude for this exceptional donation, adding that SANParks and the honorary rangers look forward to many more years of close collaboration with the Amdec Group to help stop poaching in our National Parks.

This year’s cheque was handed over by John Wilson to Janssen Davies at a ceremony in Cape Town on 20 January 2020.

For more about Save Our Rhinos: https://www.facebook.com/AmdecSaveOurRhinos or at https://www.amdec.co.za/giving-back/save-our-rhinos/

Herewith a link to a recent video of the story of Save Our Rhinos and the SANParks Honorary Rangers in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1MrExM9YP8

If you’d like to contribute financially to the Save Our Rhinos Initiative, please do use the banking details below:

Bank: First National Bank
Account name: Amdec Investments (Pty) Ltd. Trust Account
Account number: 5016 118 0035
Branch: RMB Corporate Banking Cape Town
Branch code: 250655
Reference: Rhinos & Your Name

All funds raised through the Save Our Rhino’s initiative are donated to the SANParks Honorary Rangers who allocate the funds to counter-poaching initiatives in South Africa’s National Parks.