Turning ideas into barcodes that pay out

It’s no secret that the financial value of an innovation remains hidden until it is commercialised… which is why your best bet for executing your idea is with the Idea-to-Barcode™ process

Every successful business started with the implementation of an idea, and the results come from a long and thoroughly monitored process. Even if you have a palpable idea that solves real-life problems, starting a business is not easy.

The realisation that the journey you are about to embark on is a long and hard one, sets in when terms like patenting, prototyping, business models, licensing agreements, company formation, and so on pop up during your search for boundless shortcuts on entrepreneurship on the internet.

At that very moment, it slowly dawns on you that converting an idea into a product is not an easy task. There will always be stumbling blocks and challenges on the way to success, but you must start somewhere –  that somewhere should be Resolution Circle. Yes, it may sound interesting to include the word circle in a journey, but we play an important role in your game plan, and we will certainly not make you go around and around in circles.

The reality is that you have got to start somewhere, but how do you start when you do not know how to properly prepare for the journey? You may be lucky enough to have the funds, but what do you know about feasibility studies, research, and design, manufacturing or compliance testing?

Starting a business requires the right knowledge and skills.

Think about a basketball game, for instance: every member on the court has different responsibilities and yet each one plays a vital role in winning the game.

Resolution Circle is that team, as it will perform all the responsibilities that will win you that important game by providing a standard mechanism to take your idea straight to the basket. Established as a company in 2012 (and owned by the University of Johannesburg), Resolution Circle is the point guard who will help you get the funding required for your idea, design and manufacture it, then help you slam dunk your product into the market. Our awesome team simplifies this process by following the Idea-to-Barcode™ game plan.

Resolution Circle is the culmination of two years of international scouting to address unique problems in South Africa. After borrowing the best bits of advice and experience from around the world, the technology ecosystem was established with over R380m of investment in 2012. Five years later, having commercialised more than 80 products, Resolution Circle (now with an army of 500 people) is in a unique position to help technology entrepreneurs commercialise their products.

The first step in your journey with us starts with a thorough discussion of your idea. This usually involves signing a non-disclosure agreement. If there is a need for patenting, then the resident patent attorney will handle it – trust us, it is handy to have one close by in our line of business.

Your idea will then be developed from both a technical and business perspective, with the submission of a funding application in the end. You will also receive technology-based entrepreneurial training – you must start and drive a business after all.

The hard work begins after you receive your funding – and surviving the consequences of the very big celebration you are going to have (do invite us to the party, will you!). A detailed project plan will be developed and discussed with you, and then the engines start. This includes technical issues like design, prototyping, engineering, industrialisation, small-scale manufacturing and even marketing, which plays a huge role in building your business whether you offer products or services.

Resolution Circle will ensure that you get all the advice, training, and support you need, all within our specialised research and design facilities. As a company that has good links to the industry, we will go as far as connecting you to our network of partners. Partner with us today. We guarantee that at the end of your journey with us, you will walk away with your solution in the form of a product that is ready to solve your customer’s problem.

Find out what you need for the journey, set up an appointment with Corrie Smit, head of our Technology Commercialisation Programme by sending an email to corries@resolutioncircle.co.za