Cutting through the BS

When it comes to enabling her clients with rebuilding,  rebranding or rebirthing their products, services or business as a whole, CHANTEL OPPELT doesn’t take prisoners and she definitely doesn’t suffer fools. And the graduates from her Institute love her for it.


In my trend analysis of clients, I have noticed that many clients have excellent ideas and skills that could be offered to the business community, but they are challenged with the articulation and actioning of the skills. The challenges are not housed in their intellectual faculties but, in fact, originate from a lack of understanding of what sits in their wounds.

To be clear, this process is not at all about wound adoration, instead, it allows the individual to navigate the areas of the wound that would keep them ‘stuck’ as opposed to catapult them to new levels of integration.

My working philosophy is that there is no such feeling as ‘stuck’, as stuck is not a feeling, it is an outcome. The biggest part of my work is enabling the client to cleanly identify the decisions they are not prepared to re-alter to create an alternate outcome to ‘stuck’. For the most part, what underpins the choice to hold fast to a decision is the need to ensure that certain guarantees remain in place. 

For instance, some people say, “I’d like to leave my marriage BUT I’ve already ‘invested’ so much time and effort into it”. The result is that they hold onto the illusion that they DESERVE to reap the  return on investment, and this overpowers any other factors they are prepared to take into consideration to create an alternate reality.

Based on this, clients are therefore, unable to translate some of these concepts and ideas into tangible business products, services or systems. To yield specific results, I have developed a program based on reflexive principles – in other words, understanding cause and effect and how the individual contributes to that system of working.

The Innovation Management and New Product Development Program© is for anyone who wants to transition into their own excellence with a view to craft a unique and viable career for themselves – knowing full well that excavation of the wound is paramount. The outcome of this process is that they are viewed as market and thought leaders in their field, as their journey itself is unique.

This is an individual process that has a specific structure, tone, timing and project management component to it. I am clear that the translation of the concept to product is time-consuming.

My working philosophy is that there is no such feeling as ‘stuck’, as stuck is not a feeling, it is an  outcome.

To facilitate the support of that, I ensure that executive assistance is available to all participants. This alleviates the data management, receiving, tracking and filing of all necessary documentation.

The program culminates in an exhibition of the individual’s product or services at a business forum. The forum includes industry leaders from the formal, informal, local and international sectors.
This is a unique opportunity to showcase concepts as well as to present an existing market in which to network.

The intention is to bring the customer to the client and to create a space that can hold and contain business at a different frequency.

The essence of the work speaks to intrinsic values of ownership and collective acknowledgement of the power we hold within to create substantial change that is shared by all.  Empowerment as an outcome cannot be achieved unless an individual is able to ascertain value and voice to their lived experience.

My intention with my work is to impact the Gini co-efficient in SA, by ensuring that each citizen understands their individual wound and has sufficient internal scaffolding to extricate the gold that lies within.

  • Chantel Oppelt is a medical intuitive, life strategist and founder of the Chantel Oppelt Institute for Applied Alchemy. The Institute’s flagship offering is the Innovation Management and New Product Development Program.